Vojtěch Plocica

Frontend developer

About me

I am frontend developer from a small town in Czechia. I've been making websites since I was 12 and I loved it since then. I worked on a couple of projects as a freelance web developer but I always wanted to do more. I turn my designs to interactive and responsive websites. In my free time I like to play football and the drums.

What i do

I use modern technologies to achieve the best result possible.
My websites are responsive and will work on any device, big or small.
I like to make my websites nice to look at and easy to use.

My work

Pizza Vinoř

Fully responsive website for Pizza Vinoř


Pizzeria Antonio

Fully responsive website for Pizzeria Antonio in Čelákovice

Under construction

Latest project

A fictional company for a school project


A design of a poster for an event hosted by my fictional company named Backpackable


A design of a billboard for Backpackable